Friday, May 22, 2009

To clear up confusion...(and a basic update)

The rules again, just as they were originally posted. You all have two days. Good luck.

1. No MEAT or MEAT BY-PRODUCT may be used. This includes the following, but is not limited to: chicken, fish, shell fish, red meat, pork, any broths or stocks made from meat, cooking in the same pan meat has been cooked in without washing it, bacon (yes, that really does count as meat).

2. Animal by-products are okay. They include things like cheese, milk, cream, yogurt, butter, etc... Eggs are okay.

3. Meat substitutes are okay (soy and tofu, though if you've had tofu, you know it's disgusting), and will probably be useful.

4. Your dish needs at least five ingredients (meaning steaming a bowl of broccoli doesn't count).

5. A vegetable tray also doesn't count.

6. Any dish. It's not limited to soups, or anything.

7. No bread bowls.

Basic update time:

I'm working on a show right now called Deathtrap. It's a couple of my friends' senior project, and I'm on the running crew for it (meaning I sit backstage with a headset on and wait to be told to do random and shut a door, get props ready, run on stage and get things off before the next scene). It's a big show with a small cast, and a very small running crew (there are just two of us, one of each side of the stage). It can get stressful, but we have two shows left. The first two nights sold out (last night more than sold out and we ended up having to add chairs during intermission).

I've been working quite a bit, which has been nice. I actually picked up a shift in our Birch Run store yesterday, where is where I'd like to end up eventually, since their associates get a lot more hours regularly than we do in Midland.

I'm Costume Head on another summer show (and another senior project) called Bug. It's the first time I'll be Costume Head, but I'm looking forward to it.

And lastly, I have auditions in a couple weeks for a very funny show called The Great Books - Abridged.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


No way, I'm posting a blog!

Okay, we'll start from the last one. The show I was in was called Very Nasty Indeed. The reason I never posted show dates and times was because the show never happened. Due to some working differences between the director and the cast, the show was stopped during production.

The main reason: The entire cast quit on the same day. It started with one of the girls, followed by me (I quit in protest of how the first girl was being treated by the director), followed by the other girl (yeah, only three of us).

Things since have been decent. I moved to Old Town Saginaw, with a couple of my friends, for the summer, until my new roommates are ready to move in July or August.

I was cast in another paying show! It's a children's show my theatre advisor wrote, we're performing it at Temple Theatre this week. Just one show, Saginaw schools. I really don't like children's theatre, but the show's not too bad right now. I don't have a lot of lines, just a lot of changing costumes (I play a caveman, a greek chorus member, an aide to Shakespeare, and a student).

I have my classes for fall:

Math 081
Basic Mathematical Skills
Tuesdays/Thursdays - 1:30 PM to 2:20 PM

Thea 255
Introduction to Directing
Wednesdays/Fridays - 10 AM to 11:20 AM

Thea 280
Theatre History II
Mondays/Wednesdays - 1 PM to 2:20 PM

Thea 299
Applied Theatre
Tuesdays - 4 PM to 4:50 PM

Span 212
Intermediate Spanish II
Mondays/Wednesdays - 5 PM to 6:50 PM

My schedule sucks, a lot. I'll deal. I may end up taking one more class, because it's theatre, one I need, and really easy, so it'd boost my GPA. There's literally no homework for the class, so that's definitely quality.

Speaking of GPA, I'm not going to say what it was and what it is (because it's still not great), but I will say, I have raised my GPA almost a whole percent this semester. That's awesome.

Sorry for posting so late. I hope you're all well.