Thursday, March 19, 2009

Almost five years later...

I was walking around campus with my friend Jessie today when I got a text asking me if I'd like to be in a show. I went to where they were rehearsing on campus, and read part of the script, and when the director told me it's a major part, but only in half the show, I agreed.

So in a few weeks, after almost five years of not being on stage at all, I'll be in a show called Very Nasty Indeed at Hancock Theatre downtown.

This is exciting for a few reasons.

1. I'm a theatre major. This isn't a university show, but it is theatre.

2. It is paid. The house takes a certain percentage of ticket sales, and the rest is split among the actors in the show (this is particularly awesome this time, as the show only has four actors in it).

: ]

I'll get show dates and times up here as soon as I can.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A break? What's a break?

You mean...I don't have to go to class for a week? And have very little homework?

What? What is going on?

Finally. Since September, I've been going constantly. I worked my Christmas break away, and finally, in March, I get a break. I have a week to read, to clean my bedroom (which is really needed), to read, to hang out with my friends, to read, to pick up a few extra hours (which won't happen, since it's spring break, but still, I can hope), and to read.

I bought some new books just for this week. One I've been reading at my friend's house, but he went on tour, so I bought my own copy, when I ran into his girlfriend, who told me he gave her his copy to give to me.

Regardless, I'm glad I own it, it's a good book ("Bluebeard" by Kurt Vonnegut).

Yesterday I hung out with the twins, before I went to work, where we were really slow, so Tony and I sort of folded random shirts, and put clothes back from the fitting rooms, and that was about it.

I'm enjoying this quick chance to breathe.

I'm going to start claiming on here that AE won't give me more hours. They called half an hour ago and asked me to come in and close tonight.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

I steal posts, get used to it.

First off, I will say I am incredibly busy. I do still love my job at American Eagle, so that's a plus. I'm doing hair and make up for Camelot that's coming up in a few weeks. Since my degree is in general theatre, I have to learn all aspects of theatre, and I already know how to do basic stage make up from having to have done my own most of my theatre career.

And now, I stole Shaelynn's post.

Opening Credits
"Right Round" Flo Rida
This song is in no way appropriate to my life.
"You spin my head right round, right round, when you do down, when you go down down." They're talking about strippers on poles. Wonderful.

Waking Up
"Shiksa (Girlfriend)" Say Anything
Ha ha ha.
Again, not really appropriate at all.
"Even if your friends don't understand, no matter what I'll always be your man. Even if you go, you know you'll leave me feeling grand."

First Day at School
"Drops of Jupiter" Train
Ha ha ha ha. These make no sense at all!
"She acts like summer and she walks like rain, reminds me that there's a time to change."

Falling In Love
"Take a Chance" ABBA
Okay, this makes sense. I don't think I need to put any of the lyrics in here for you.

Fight Song
"Handlebars" Flobots
This is getting old, already. I want to stop doing it.

Breaking Up
"Your Song" Alessandro Safina and Ewan McGregor
This is a love song. From Moulin Rouge. It still makes no sense.

"The Sky" Showbread
Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Best. Prom. Ever.

Mental Breakdown
"Gin and Juice" Hot Rod Circuit
Yeah, fits.

"Swing Life Away" Rise Against
"I'll show you mine if you show me yours first. Let's compare scars, I'll tell you whose worse."

"El Tango De Roxanne" Ewan McGregor, Jacek Koman, and Jose Feliciano
Another Rouge song. Doesn't really fit.

Getting Back Together
"Kryptonite" E-Manuel
Ha ha. This doesn't fit at all.
"At this time I need all my freak hoes to get down on the floor."

"Nothin' But a 'G' Thang" The Escape Frame
It's settled, this will be played at my wedding.

Birth of Child
"Now That We're Done" Metro Station
"She's just a friend, you see, you always agree. You know I lie, but you still trust me. And you believed in so much hope, but I'm the one that let you go."

Final Battle
"One Day I'll Fly Away" Nicole Kidman
Not feeling this.

Death Scene
"Hard to Find" Jessi Spreitzer
Yeah, it fits.
"We give up our dreams for our own selfish needs and love gets so hard to find."

Funeral Song
"Gold Digger" Kanye West
Ha ha ha.

End Credits
"Sampsa Meets Kafka"
Ha ha.

This was stupid.