Friday, January 16, 2009

The end of the first week.

So, first week of classes wrapped up for me at 9 PM last night (an hour early).

English - It should be much easier than it was last semester. Seeing as I've already taken this class (yes, I failed it last semester), I know what's coming, and I feel much better prepared for it.

Math - I hate math. I hate math so much. My Theatre professor said in my acting class (which is a General Education communications course, as well), that the non-majors shouldn't be scared of the class. They may not do as well, but it's not their chosen career. He said if any of the Theatre majors were going to walk into a math or biology course, we'd like fail. He said it's in our genetic make up to fail those courses. The three other Theatre majors and I in the class laughed. Quite hard. And then agreed.

Chemistry - I've never taken a chemistry class in my life. I had no clue what to expect. It's a forensics based class, and I have a hard time relating the lecture to...anything, actually. I kept asking the girl next to me if she was understanding what the lecture had to do with anything, and she laughed. I finally said, "No, seriously. Do you get this, at all?" For a taste of the lecture, know this. He spent about ten minutes talking about a toolbox that was left in space once, and you can see it with a telescope.

Intro to Acting - Finally. A class I get. A class I can get into. The first three weeks are games. After that, we pick our scene partners, and start finding and working on our scenes and monologues.

History - I like history. The class, itself, will be easy, except for the two exams. We do have map quizzes, but we can take them as many times as we need to, to pass them. Other than that, we have two weekly papers we have to write, but they're only one page each, and pretty simple.

As far as my interview went, Tuesday afternoon. Awesome. They always do group interviews, but there was just one girl, myself, and the Asst. Manager. I basically knew I the other interviewee beat as soon as she answered her first question. A little cocky? Yes. However, I know I interview well. Mock Interview in high school taught me that. The Asst. Manager offered me a second interview sometime this coming week.

Auditions. Okay, I hadn't done an audition in almost five years. Rough? Yes. We did cold, solo readings to start off. I'm pretty sure it killed me. I knew, as soon as I was done with my monologue, I wasn't going to get a part. As we started ensemble readings, I was doing better. The second night, I feel I was noticeably better, and more comfortable. A lot of people were telling me I should be cast. It was a good feeling, but I still wasn't counting on it. I checked the cast list today, and sure enough, I didn't get a part. So, no worries. I have scenes to concentrate on for my acting class, and will most likely end up doing scenes for the directing class, as well, that my professor teaches, to get my work hours out of the way. I can concentrate on school, which is what I need to do. If I do really well this semester, I can breathe again.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

ACTF re-cap

Most of the reason I did ACTF was to get to know other people in the Theatre Department, since I'll be spending more and more time in that building, as time goes on.

Mission accomplished. I know several people now, all who gave me advice - all of which varied in degree of usefulness. I made friends with a lot of them, and I am looking forward to this semester much more than I was. week is still pretty packed. I start my five classes this week. I also have auditions this week, on Tuesday night, and Thursday afternoon. I have my interview at American Eagle. If I get into the show, that's an extra 20ish hours a week I have spoken for. Luckily, AE will only be about one shift a week right now.

Tyler comes back to Saginaw today. Finally. I miss him.

Other than that. I did survive ACTF. Barely. It was a lot of hard work, and a lot of boring, down time, where I was just there to be available if something came up.

I read the script for my audition. It's pretty awful. I hate Children's Theatre. Though I'm glad Katie will be able to come see me in this, since most of our productions are incredibly adult.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I'm still somewhat alive.

Okay, I know I haven't posted, or even updated Twitter in awhile.

I have an excuse, I'll formally write to you all now.

SVSU is hosting the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival (or KCACTF or just ACTF), so being a Theatre major, I'm working at it.

I've been working at that almost non-stop since Sunday, and it goes until this Sunday.

We've been working from 8 AM until around 11 PM or midnight every day.

Classes start Monday. I have a job interview on Tuesday at American Eagle. I have auditions for the winter show on Wednesday and Thursday.

I'm so tired.

I did get my hair cut, though. It's quite a bit shorter (but still pretty long, I'm sure you'll all be happy to know). So far, everyone likes it. I do.

Anyway...I'll blog more about ACTF sometime next week.

Just wanted to check in.