Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I fell in love.

You'll keep me warm on cold, winter nights.

You'll be mine, until I decide to let you go.

You're beautiful.

You have style.

You let me have choices (but you know what I want).

You'll blend into my life quite nicely.

You're conservative-looking, which my family will love.

And as of a week from today, you'll be on your way to me.

Yes. I'm buying a new winter coat.

Real commitment.


In all seriousness, though. I love this freaking coat so much.

I miss my old pea coat a lot (I hate the way it fits).

Monday, October 27, 2008


Probably a single perk to my job, is my owner has struck a deal with Midland NCG Cinemas, that they can trade their free employee passes for free subs. So once in awhile, that trickles on down to us, with our double meat bonuses (yeah, I get money for all the double meat subs I sell) we also get movie passes. And September was a lucky month, because sure enough, when I opened my double meat bonus, along with my cash...two movie passes.

So last night my friend Alicia and I saw W.

Two things to describe this movie:
Drawn out.

Yes, there were some funny parts. Anytime Condi was on the screen was enjoyable (the woman who played her did it well, and it was very comical).

Honestly, we only went and saw it, because I heard it was funny (not so much), and because I hate horror movies.

On the off chance you were thinking of seeing it. Don't. It's well over two hours, and moves very slowly. There's little to no climax in the movie, making it hard to tell when it will soon be over.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A video!? Wooo hoooo!

Okay, two videos.

Video On Trial makes me happy when I'm sad. It's a Canadian TV show on MuchMusic, that is never available in the US. Ever. I can only watch it on YouTube.

Anyway...comedians make fun of music videos. It's usually pretty funny.

Here are two of them.
(Shaelynn, Joni, and probably will probably be the only ones who think these are even remotely funny.)

Vanessa Hudgens: Sneakernight

Flo Rida f. Will.I.Am: In the Ayer

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Never before.

I hate my job. I've never hated a job as much as I hate this job I have.

I've been there over a month, and I'm still a "trainee". Which doesn't mean anything, except my name tag still says "trainee", which is basically just a blow to my ego (stupid, yes, but it still bothers me).

I've always worked for big companies (McDonald's, Hot Topic, Target), so working for a small franchise is hard. It's completely disorganized, and there's no order to any operation they do. The Supervisors all treat me as though I've not only never worked in a restaurant, but never even had a job before. I almost felt like I needed to remind one of my Supervisors today I used to actually run a quite successful restaurant in the past, and know quite a bit about that type of business, but decided it was better to keep my mouth shut.

Then, because the Supervisors can't cut hours when they need to, the Manager just cut all my hours, taking me down to less than 20 hours every week. So I'm driving to Midland five days a week, to work a few hours, then leaving.

Waste of time now.

I want a new job.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I awoke with a familiar feeling.

My alarm went off. I leaned up, to grab my phone, to turn it off.

Then I felt it. On the inside of my nose, it was running down. I touched my nose with my hand, and when I looked, sure enough, my nose was bleeding.

I like that I'm weeks shy of my 22nd birthday, and I still get nose bleeds for absolutely no reason.

When is my body going to figure out I'm not 8 years old anymore?

It was embarrassing enough as a kid. It's even worse as an adult.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Top Fifteen List I Actually Wrote.

I believe I wrote this probably three years ago.

The Top 15 Reasons Tacos are Better than Girls
1. Tacos don't cry.
2. Tacos don't care if they look fat.
3. Tacos never want to talk about their feelings.
4. It's legal to buy tacos.
5. You can share tacos with your friends. (Not that I want to share girls with my friends.)
6. Tacos don't get jealous if you eat other kinds of tacos. Even if it's just as friends.
7. Tacos don't write scathing blog entries about you.
8. We don't need guns to protect ourselves from tacos.
9. Tacos are so damn tasty.
10. If you were to date a taco (which I don't condone), I bet it wouldn't make you always hold it's hand all the time.
11. You never have to worry about taking an eye out, when you're around tacos. (Let's here it for biblical humor.)
12. A taco will never want to commit. It's completely up to you.
13. Tacos don't play with your emotions.
14. You don't have to call tacos.
15. Tacos love everyone.

Ha ha ha. Three years later, this list still makes me laugh.

Monday, October 6, 2008

I do love a good Top Ten list.

Top Ten Reasons to be a Communist

10. You're better than those damn stinking Yanks!

9. Tell people you're a communist, and it'll scare them into letting you do anything you want. Or is that capitalism?

8. All the free "I Love Stalin" bumper stickers.

7. You can make a date out of waiting in a bread line. It takes up time and it's cheap food.

6. Your girlfriend doesn't expect fancy gifts.

5. Remaining inconspicuous is easy--no one cares about communists anymore.

4. Enforced sharing.

3. Your crappy car is a political statement, rather than just a crappy car.

2. If I don't do any work, I'll still get the $50 a year I need to live.

1. Vodka...lots of Vodka.

I only wish I could take credit for writing this. After a few failed attempts, I jacked it offline. I'm not going to bother citing it. If you wrote this, sorry. I'm not taking credit for it. Besides, I'm pretty sure anyone who wrote a top ten reasons to be a communist list would be fine with that, anyway.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Awwww...October is a good month.

Want to know why?

Both of my lovely sisters were born in October (even though Kate cheated, and came early).

In honor of October.

A picture of the two most important girls in my life and myself.


Picture isn't too shabby for being taken on my cell phone, eh?

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy Birthday, Older Sister.



Quarter century old.

I'll keep the 22 I'm turning this year.

I love you.

Have a good birthday.

I will see you Saturday (Mallary still will not).


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pseudologia Fantastica

I just like that he claims to know the law.

I'm fairly sure in my half of semester of my law class, I know more about the law than he does.

Because I do know that without committing a felony or very specific misdemeanors, we don't deport illegal aliens.

Of course, though, in O'Reilly's world, it's simply the loudest who wins.

Good job, Bill O, you were the loudest. You win.