Wednesday, April 9, 2008

It is Wednesday.

And I'm sure you're all dying to know what I was talking about.


Anyway...let me explain something quickly. My restaurant is part of a group of restaurants called a Patch. Which is part of a bigger group of restaurants called a Market. From there a Region. Then the grouping basically stops. I work in the Indy West Market, in Emily's Patch (she's my Area Supervisor...sort of our version of "District Managers", which actually don't really exist at McOpCo McDonald's).

Now. My restaurant manager's name is also Emily. Not confusing at all.

Three restaurants are being affected by what's going on. They are:

Broad Ripple: Linda (I used to work there, under Linda).
Hyatt: Emily (I work there now, and Emily was actually promoted out of Broad Ripple, into the Hyatt).
Zionsville: Cindy (Linda used to work there). Zionsville isn't actually in our patch, though.

This is what is taking place. Linda is going back to Zionsville. Emily is going to Broad Ripple (I'm so sad...), and Cindy is coming to the Hyatt.

I'm not going to go into details as to why. Just some personal stuff from one of them.

Anyway. Here is the great irony. Back when I was still in Broad Ripple, I was doing overnights five nights a week, because we were really in a bind for overnight managers at the time. I was getting really worn out and frustrated, because I knew I was so close to being promoted, yet I felt like I wasn't being considered, because no one was ever seeing me. I also knew I'd never be promoted in Broad Ripple, because we already had four Staff. So I ended up working a convention in the Hyatt, and met Emily, who knew I was planning on leaving the company at that point (I had already accepted another job), and offered me to come to the Hyatt, saying she needed an Assistant, and it's what I wanted to be. So after about a month, Emily (our Supervisor) gave the okay for me to be transferred. So off I went. After about three months, sure enough, I became an Assistant...and then a Store Manager for six weeks.

Throughout this experience, Emily and I have become pretty close friends. I have pictures of her son on my cell phone (chicano babies are cute, what can I say?). I was staying in Indy, only because I knew Emily would have a hard time without an Assistant, and she later told me she'd have a hard time finding an Assistant as good as I am (which surprised me, because I often feel I'm not really that great at my job).

A recap: I was unhappy in my old job. Emily convinced me to come to the Hyatt. Emily and I always talk of going back to Broad Ripple. Emily gets to go back to Broad Ripple as the Store Manager, and I'm stuck in the Hyatt.


I know only my family has been to the Hyatt where I work, and thought it was actually a nice store.

I believe in the ten minute conversation I just had with Emily on the phone, I told her of about seven things that are currently broken.

Emily was what made my job fun, and enjoyable.

In the end: I'm coming back in late June. With Emily not being there anymore, I feel no obligation to stick around.

School in the fall again.

I'm excited.

(Sorry for the long McDonald's post...vacation is coming up, expect pictures.)