Saturday, August 23, 2008

My First Night

So I'm at SVSU, tonight is my first night here.

I'm not going to lie, or cover up anything I'm feeling at the moment.

I'm pretty lonely. There are probably 10-15 people downstairs in my townhouse, all drinking, and being down there, well...feels weird. I'm not the hugest fan of drinking (the door bell is ringing, more people are coming in), and right now, on an empty stomach, it just doesn't sound very fun.

Sure, my best friend and girlfriend go here, but my best friend commutes, and my girlfriend has her own friends already, and I feel bad monopolizing her time, because I don't know anyone on this side of campus (that's the other thing, she lives on the completely opposite side of campus than I do).

So, here I sit, in my tiny bedroom, contemplating the night ahead of me. I still have plenty of unpacking to do (I've hardly done any), organizing, I need to raise my bed so I can hopefully fit my dresser under it.

Just a lonely night, thus far.

I know it'll get better, once classes start, and I have something to concentrate on.


Shae W said...

Since I often found myself in situations like this and dealt with them similarly to the way you are, I'll give you some advice (if that's okay).

Socialize as much as possible. Maybe you won't with your roommates, but once school starts you should join a club or something. I wish I would've.

Also, I know money's tight (and I know that parents might disagree), but don't spend all your time working. I worked way too much, and you know what? I'm still in debt up to my eyeballs, and I made very few friends.

carriegel said...

ah, i feel bad for you. the beginnings are always the hardest.

i agree with shae about joining a club or group. it is a good way to meet people with similar interests. and do it at the beginning of the year when everyone is new and looking for friends.

curlz said...

that's yucky. that's all I got unless i go into a rant and let my mother bear instincts come out -- something you don't want to see or let happen.

It'll be better when everyone else gets there too. The whole school can't be a bunch of partiers (you're trolls after all).

What about churches? Most denominations have an active presence on college campuses.

mickey said...

Clubs don't start for about another week, really, because we're all still settling, and getting our parking/books/classes/freshmen worked out.

As far as what Mom said, there is CRU here, and I do plan on joining it, but again, doesn't start for awhile.

The biggest problem is most of my friends that go here are commuters.

JP said...

All of my best friends are either the people that lived on my floor ORRR I joined Young Life and was active in Wyldlife, too. And I also went to a thing on Tuesday nights called His House. AND I was in like two different Bible studies. Anyway, I realize I don't do any of those any more but I met two or three of my best friends that way. And Annie I met in my physics study group.

You'll figure it out. Don't worry. It's only the first night. I felt that way, too. Courtney made friends with everyone right away but I was more shy and awkward than her so it took me a few months to warm up to people in my dorm.

mickey said...

I think that's the other hard part, is that we're all in townhouses in this part of campus, so there's no randomly bumping into people, really. Like, freshmen RA's have to be so "out there" and everyone know who they are. We have no clue who our RA is. Not that I care, I don't really need an RA, but it's just so much different.

I'm getting along with two of my roommates a lot better, they're pretty cool. The third one is never here, and when he is, just stays in his room.