Sunday, February 1, 2009


Okay, I'm totally stealing Shae's post. I haven't had anything to post, as of late, so...I'm doing this. I did it on Facebook awhile back, so I'll bring it here, too.

1. I don't get why everyone complains about SVSU. I love it.
2. I make fun of straight edge kids, but I'm secretly jealous that they have such strong will.
3. I like being a vegetarian, but I don't like people assuming things from that.
4. I don't really like animals. They're okay. Farther away, they're best.
5. My minor is Spanish, only so I can get closer to fluency, and hopefully, be able to speak it to my children, and at least give them a really good foundation in the language.
6. I'm a theatre major, but it's only so I can get my MFA, and be a professor.
7. I like social sciences.
8. I used to like English. English 111 has ruined that.
9. I'm much more determined this semester.
10. I miss my co-workers at Subway, but not the job.
11. I miss living at Bethany sometimes.
12. I don't really try dating anymore.
13. I value honesty more than I value almost anything else. If something happened, I'd rather someone just be honest, than lie, or withhold it. It makes it hard to trust people after that.
14. My mom told me a couple years ago, if I graduate from college she'll take me to Ireland. I plan on holding her to that.
15. I love my sisters. A lot.
16. Right after my sisters come my friends.
17. If I were dating a girl, she'd go right here. And yes, I'd expect her to be okay with that.
18. The only meat I miss eating is corn dogs. I'm not even kidding.
19. I'm not a great actor, but I'm working on it.
20. I'm not a great person, I'm working on that, too.
21. I take my faith very seriously. Having said that, if you don't believe what I believe, we're probably still friends.
22. I'm abstinent. I believe sex only complicates things for unmarried couples. An extremely common example I've heard since high school? A girl thinks her boyfriend is only staying with her so he has someone to have sex with. I don't have to worry about any girl I date thinking that. What's even sadder, I've heard guys say that's the only reason they stay with their girlfriends. And while I don't think I would be, I don't ever want to be that guy.
23. I've dated girls that don't speak English. I miss it a bit.
24. I love retail, despite the low pay and few hours.
25. I want to be able to wear shorts soon. I'm sick of the bitter cold.


carriegel said...


i may have to do a list myself.

curlz said...

Because of #12 and 5, I'm starting to think you're coming around to the idea of an arranged marriage. Do you have SM's phone number?

Shae W said...

I want in on #14, Mom.

megawatt miler said...

i love retail too, one of the best jobs ive ever had