Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New job? Yes? Maybe?

I'm waiting to hear from American Eagle to see if they'd like to employ this kid.

Regardless, I'm working Black Friday night there.

Long story.


carriegel said...

good luck with that.

Shae W said...

Good luck!

How do you work somewhere for just a day without getting officially hired? That seems weird.

mickey said...

They need 80 people to work, and only have 28.

So those of us who don't actually work there will get the employee discount for the following two months.

Which really won't benefit me much. I'm just trying to get hired, so they're going to see how I do that day.

Peej said...

I applied at AE once. However, everyone could see that I don't quite fit the profile!

mickey said...

...Why wouldn't you fit the profile?

I think after Hot Topic, AE is probably the most diverse American fashion outlet.

Peej said...

I typically wear Levi's and T-shirts though.