Sunday, January 11, 2009

ACTF re-cap

Most of the reason I did ACTF was to get to know other people in the Theatre Department, since I'll be spending more and more time in that building, as time goes on.

Mission accomplished. I know several people now, all who gave me advice - all of which varied in degree of usefulness. I made friends with a lot of them, and I am looking forward to this semester much more than I was. week is still pretty packed. I start my five classes this week. I also have auditions this week, on Tuesday night, and Thursday afternoon. I have my interview at American Eagle. If I get into the show, that's an extra 20ish hours a week I have spoken for. Luckily, AE will only be about one shift a week right now.

Tyler comes back to Saginaw today. Finally. I miss him.

Other than that. I did survive ACTF. Barely. It was a lot of hard work, and a lot of boring, down time, where I was just there to be available if something came up.

I read the script for my audition. It's pretty awful. I hate Children's Theatre. Though I'm glad Katie will be able to come see me in this, since most of our productions are incredibly adult.


curlz said...

When is this production so I can get it on the calendar? If there are only a few we'll be able to attend due to content, I'd hate to miss one!

mickey said...

Feb 21st and 22nd.

You can go to any of them, mom. I'll have 24 Hour Theatre this semester, and I'd like you, dad, Shae, and Scott to all come. Katie just can't, because it's inappropriate.

carriegel said...

if i lived closer i would come too. i love the theater even though i am a science major.