Thursday, February 21, 2008

My career.

I think it's about time to admit McDonald's is not only my job, but simply my career. A lot of people would scoff at that, however, I do happen to have a cousin who worked himself very high up in the company, so luckily, in my family, it's seen as a pretty good option.

However, I don't think very many people in my family really know what I plan on doing, and they all know Shae plans on being a professor, Katie with her quilt store. And myself with McDonald's.

I had a conversation yesterday at a meeting, with one of my friends from the store I was at before I started working downtown. How we both love McDonald's, and love our jobs, but simply want to know that someday, we'll be out of the restaurants. And sitting in this meeting, with probably 140 other Assistant Managers from all over our Co-Op, they asked everyone who had been with their company (there were a lot of franchised managers there), more than ten years, to stand up.

I don't want to be an Assistant, and be able to stand up, being with the company ten years. That's just depressing. It means I would have probably only been promoted one more time.

So let me quickly tell you something interesting. Every single McDonald's Restaurant Manager in the world goes to Hamburger University. HU is located at our World HQ, near Chicago. There are teachers there, of course, to teach in several different languages. That is the job I want.

As very few of you may know, I speak a lot of spanish. Most of it I learned in high school, and a lot I pick up at work, and lately, have noticed I can have whole conversations in spanish, without even thinking now.

Back to HU for a second. And why I'm so motivated to learn more spanish. Out of all the people who work for McDonald's (and this does include franchises), there are only 30 teachers at HU. 30. So on a bigger scale, the job I really, really want, out of the roughly 6 billion people in the world, only 30 people can have.

So my first instinct was being bilingual would give me an advantage. But I realized I'd need to be completely fluent. I then realized that being trilingual would be even better.

So I decided to go to SVSU in the fall (I picked there for several reasons), and double major in french and spanish. I'll then come back to Indy, and trying to get into Training here...and then hopefully keep going on to Oak Brook (I left some details out in there, but you'll get it, you'll get it).

And my mom said my blog is boring. It's not boring.


Shae W said...

It's kinda boring.

Shae W said...

You need a photo. And you should jazz your page up a bit.

You're more creative than this.

mickey said...

You're kinda boring.

jockridge said...

I love it when someone else's siblings fight.

Katie said...

I honestly don't even know what to say about the comment my cousin left you on my blog. Not only was her comment uncalled for, but it was written with the intent to get some sort of reaction from you, and was written with the intent to hurt. While I myself am not a fan on McDonald's, to degrade upon someone simply because of their career is very immature.

Anyway, on a more happier note, I didn't know you had a blog here.

Oh, and I'm sorry about not being able to come down to Indy for my spring break. I just wanted a few days away from the house, somewhere casual, but my parents don't like the thought of me out on my own yet. Sigh. But like you said, I'll see you in April.

Oh dear, I hope my comment isn't longer than your blog :)