Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'll hand it to you, mom/SVSU friends.

My mom started a blog. Following suit was my older sister, myself, and now my uncle.

What a trend setter.

It's been rumored a couple of my cousins may also start them.

Allow me to explain something quickly. My restaurant is located in a downtown hotel, only a short SkyWalk away from the RCA Dome (which is now being torn down, I believe Dealer Expo was the last event held in it), the Convention Center, Conseco, and a number of other attractions in downtown Indy (Circle Centre Mall, Monument Circle, the Capitol). So, obviously, when there are conventions, and the mall isn't open, the only place to eat a cheap breakfast downtown is the McDonald's I work in. You can go to One South, which is located about 50 feet away, but you'll pay about $17 for your breakfast (which is why the only time I ever went there was with my family, and I didn't have to pay). One South is really good, and the workers are really nice (our back entrances are next to each other), but not worth $17.

Anyway, the subject.

Campus Crusades for Christ was in Indy at the beginning of the year, for a few days. Their convention was only a few thousand, so it was fairly small. Anyway, I was helping to take orders, because I didn't staff any extra people for the convention (okay, I forgot about it), so I was running between a register, getting food, and in the grill, for most of the days of that.

So all conventions come with (dorky) name tags. It's how you get into the Convention Center. No tag, no entry. So, of course, they have all sorts of information. Names, where they're from, sometimes what hotel they're in, all sorts of good stuff (I usually only care about where they're from).

The whole time, I had been thinking "I wonder if anyone from SVSU will be here".

Sure enough, not long after we opened, a guy's tag said "Saginaw Valley State University", to which I said "SVSU! I'm going there in the fall!" To which he replied, "I go there right now!"

Anyway...I looked as his name, and since it was incredibly common, I remembered it. I later found him on Facebook, and we actually talk sometimes, and he's a pretty cool guy, thus far (seeing as we don't really know each all).

Last night I was looking at groups on Facebook, and came across a ton of SVSU groups. And as I was looking, found a couple of the Campus Crusades groups.

And then found some of the videos they made from when they were in Indy.

The whole time I was watching the videos, I kept thinking, "Wow! Indy looks so fun, I wish I could have been there!"

Then I realized, I was there. I live here, and only live like, 15 minutes from the hotel I work inside of.

There is no point to this. Simply that I'm excited to get to SVSU. I found out I don't have to live in the freshman dorms. In fact, I found out I'm not even allowed to live in the freshman dorms. That's amazing.

One of my friends was going to be one of my roommates, but he actually backed out, because he needs to save money for going abroad, so he can graduate (which makes sense, since he's an International Relations major).

Lastly. For those of you who don't know, I was unfairly discriminated out of guessing who my mom is talking about in her latest blog. What's really unfair, she hasn't even given me a reason yet, as to why I wasn't allowed to participate.

But I do know the answer now. It took me forever, but I finally remebered.


Katie said...

The thing in the top left corner of your blog, that says "The Favorite Cousin, The Friend Katie, (and thank you, by the way) etc." how did you get that there? Sounds like life is decent :)

curlz said...

Are you going to help her Michael or should I? It's under customize and then add a page element. Click favorite blogs and paste in the URL for the website you're trying to link to. easy-peasy.

Jock said...

Oh darn I could of helped her with this one. The Favorite Cousin helped me with this last night.

curlz said...

Help me with this, jock. How do I get music to play plus put in the little videos/pictures that you shared on the right of your blog?

Jock said...

Pretty much the same as you said earlier.

Go to Customize
Click On "Add a Page Element"
Click on "Video Bar"
Type in your title
Under content insert your url from wherever you get the video from. If it is from YouTube it is to the right of the video you are watching and all you have to do is highlight it, copy and paste it.

You will have to adjust the screen size if you put it to the right or left on your blog. To do this in the url code there are two numbers in brackets. In the first one insert 225 and in the second one insert 175. You will have to do this twice for both numbers. If you don't do this you will only see half of the video because it won't fit.

The music like jp has I am not sure how to do but I am going to figure it out.

Shae W said...

I completely love the Star Wars video that you posted the other day. I love it so much that I'm showing it to my students the Monday they get back from Spring Break. I justify it by saying I'm building a classroom community. I am, after all. And it'll at least get us talking and maybe not hating being forced to return to classes.

To teach them rhetoric I showed them clips from Superbad and Accepted. I love my job. And, yes, the video clips actually worked.

mickey said...

I think I know how Joni hid the music, but I don't have the code she gave me for that anymore.

But she helped me with that on MySpace one time.