Monday, May 19, 2008

I need a favor from everyone.

Okay, there will be more details on this later, but for now, I need everyone to go to and please pick a restaurant from either Downtown or Broad Ripple, in the $10-$18 price range (or under, if you find a good one, for less, of course).

And leave a comment, with the name, and why you picked it.

I'd appreciate it, everyone.

And happy anniversary, Shaelynn and Scott!


curlz said...

Old Spaghetti Factory -- I chose it because Miss K loved it.

Jock said...

Hot date?

I am going to give you two

1. Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery - We had one of these by us in Arlington and it was great. One of my favorite restaurants in the area. If you go try the garlic mashed potatoes, they're great. Great place for a date. Brewery's seem to have the best food.

2. Weber Grill - What else do I need to say. Someday I am going to stop at the one in Chicago.

carriegel said...

i was hoping for a cheesecake factory but no luck.
i picked south bend chocolate co. I have been to one in south bend and how can you go wrong with choc?

mickey said...

Actually, there is a Cheesecake Factory, on the North side, but it's always insanely busy. I went there with a friend, and a bunch of her friends from her school.

mickey said...
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mickey said...

And about OSF, I wasn't a huge fan. And it actually had terrible reviews on It's called a tourist location.

Along with Alcatraz. Heh.

carriegel said...

oceanaire seafood room. d says it is excellent but i have a feeling it is out of your price range. it has $$$$$.

carriegel said...

cheesecake factory is always insanely busy. a trick to get to the head of the line is to say you will sit in the bar area. they serve the full menu there but for some reason people won't sit there. we were looking at a two hour wait in hawaii but could sit down immmediantly if we would sit in the bar. food tastes the same so why not? lettuce wraps. that's what i always order. yummy!

mickey said...

That may be a good idea.

And yes, that many dollar signs is definitely out of my price range at the moment.

We'll see. I was leaning toward somewhere downtown, because I live about ten minutes from downtown. To get to the North side takes about a half hour, depending on where I'm going (Keystone and Castleton are insane to drive in, so it takes forever to go anywhere).

Jock said...

I was not impressed with the food at the cheesecake factory in Arlington.

The cheesecake was good though.