Saturday, May 10, 2008

I'm back!

First things first.  Why does everyone have this idea of me, that I'm this huge, liberal Democrat?

I'm really not liberal, much.

And as far as Democrat/Republican goes...I couldn't care less, really.  I sort of hate politics (my, how far we've come in four years).

I got my Mac!

I'm sort of just playing with it right now, it's so much different that a PC, it's a bit hard to use right now.

And this screen is enormous.  Way bigger than I remember (my friend has one).

Anyway...give me a little time, I'm sure I'll have some posts that are somewhat interesting for you guys.  



curlz said...

You have to have interesting posts for us -- you promised. And I'm waiting ...

Jock said...

Who was that guy? He almost looked, dare I say...................normal.

mickey said...

Ha ha ha ha.

With the exception of the width of my hair, I'm more or less pretty toned down now, yes.

Thanks for pointing that out, sir.

curlz said...

I LOVE (and we know what that means, don't we everyone?) IT!! That is way cool. You seem so ... oh so grown up!

carriegel said...

That is way cool and totally out of my realm of expertise in the world of blogging. My goal someday is to be able to post video clips on youtube. And when I figure that out, look out, family.

Sorry to hear you won't be at John's graduation. But that's OK, that gives your mom and I an excuse to take lots of pictures.