Tuesday, May 20, 2008

One last benefit

So my friend Jessi was here this past weekend.  She was my roommate for a few months, in the fall, and we became really close while she was here.  Anyway, she visited, knowing I'm leaving soon, and we spent Saturday just going around downtown, and having a lot of fun.  And I remembered, one last benefit to working for McDonald's (although it took me awhile to get it).

I have a reserved spot in our parking garage.

So Jessi and I took an "awkward awards style" picture of it.



Jock said...

I am going to call you 175 for now on.

katie said...

Haha, nice picture.

And [completely off topic] ohhhhh gosh, I feel really lame because you're saying "EVFree" and I've been saying "EFree." Which almost sounds the same if you say it really fast, but yeah, now I know :]

carriegel said...

ah, jock beat me to it.