Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Spanish Assessment Results.

So I forgot to mention I had my Spanish assessment today.

Overall, I did okay.

For anyone who hasn't had a language assessment done, it's a pretty simple process. You sit down with someone who speaks the language, and have a conversation.

Between my nerves, and the fact I don't have anyone to speak Spanish with around here, I slipped up a lot. After I left, I realized there was a lot I could have done better, and a lot more I could have said, that I just didn't think of while I was being assessed.

The woman who did it is the head of Modern Foreign Languages for SVSU, and incredibly nice. She simply laughed when I'd get nervous and switch back to speaking English (we jumped back and forth a lot between Spanish and English).

She asked me a lot of basic questions like what I'm studying at SVSU, how long I've been here, my name, the date (I said it correctly, but said the wrong date), what time it was, what I like to do with my free time, where I've worked, how old I am, where I learned Spanish.

The end result: I get to skip all 100 level classes, which is awesome, since Spanish is my minor. I can go a lot farther in the program than I would have originally been able to, had I not learned more in Indianapolis (where I learned almost all the Spanish I know now). She said what I already knew, my grammar needs a lot of work.

She laughed the most when she told me she was placing me in Spanish 212, which is about the same as a third year high school class, and I said "Thank you very much" to which she replied, in Spanish, "Michael! How do you say that correctly?!"

The only downside to all of this is there's only one section of Spanish 212, and it conflicts with my Theatre class that my professor overloaded for me. So I can't take the Spanish class until next year now. However, the worst is over, I was very nervous for my assessment, and for being so out of practice, I actually did pretty well.


carriegel said...

congratulations. i have always admired people who can speak a second language.

Peej said...

you know what's funny? when i was reading this this morning, a RosettaStone commercial came on TV. irony!

megawatt miler said...

thats impressive, i think speaking is the hardest part by far. i had four years in high school and i can still read and understand conversations but i can no longer speak it.

mickey said...

The speaking used to come much more naturally, when I was speaking it every day.

Being so out of practice, I speak much more slowly. I used to not have to think so much during conversation.