Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hi, I'm your cousin/nephew/brother/son, and I'm a pescitarian.

Okay, over Christmas, everyone found out that yes, I tend to follow a pretty strict vegetarian diet (only because it's healthier, and yes, I know what to eat to make up for what I'm missing for not eating meat), but still allow myself to eat fish, thus making me a pescitarian. I'll be honest, the only reason I still eat fish is because I love it so much.

Anyway, we quickly determined I couldn't eat any of the "anything you can eat with a spoon" entries, which even I was surprised at. While I didn't mind, and it's something I'm getting used to, mom and Aunt Carrie came to me Christmas morning, with an idea.

A vegetarian throw down.

I said it was good.

They then told me I had to come up with the rules, since it was assumed I would eat chicken stock (I will not).

So, here is where I'm coming from.

At first I said it could be a pescitarian throw down. I've since changed my mind.

I'm going to give my reason as to why.

I think that most of us are blessed with somewhat of a cooking ability (except Shae, let's be honest...I love her to death, but I've eaten too many raw pancakes growing up to say she can cook). So I think that we should challenge that. We're really going to broaden some horizons, I think.

I almost made the rules to be a vegan throw down (meaning no animal by-products such as cheese or milk could be used), but I think that's too much all at once.

Okay, finally. The rules.

1. No MEAT or MEAT BY-PRODUCT may be used. This includes the following, but is not limited to: chicken, fish, shell fish, red meat, pork, any broths or stocks made from meat, cooking in the same pan meat has been cooked in without washing it, bacon (yes, that really does count as meat).

2. Animal by-products are okay. They include things like cheese, milk, cream, yogurt, butter, etc... Eggs are okay.

3. Meat substitutes are okay (soy and tofu, though if you've had tofu, you know it's disgusting), and will probably be useful.

4. Your dish needs at least five ingredients (meaning steaming a bowl of broccoli doesn't count).

5. A vegetable tray also doesn't count.

6. Any dish. It's not limited to soups, or anything.

7. No bread bowls.

I will likely be able to tell if you try using a meat by-product. I'm extremely sensitive to the taste now.

There are many websites with very good vegetarian recipes.

Two brands that will help you GREATLY are Morningstar and Boca. (Morningstar's website)

I tried to make these clear. If there are questions, feel free to ask.


Jock said...

No fish? You just eliminated my idea of fish tacos. Five ingredients, I assume that includes spices but either way that shouldn't be to hard.

Hey big sis you see that NO BREAD BOWLS! Did you get the memo this time?

No pork fat either, don't you know pork fat rules? And how can you eliminate bacon? It is an essential ingredient to life.

Alright we have the rules now on to a search for a winner. This is my favorite part cooking, testing and eating my way to a winning recipe.


mickey said...

Well, I have some pretty good ideas.

I almost wasn't going to enter, because since I eat this way all the time, it's going to be a bit easier for me to find recipes, I think, and I have many friends to try them out on (since a lot of my friends are vegetarians or vegans).

But then I realized this may be the only one I can win.

carriegel said...

what?! no bread bowls? that's ok i have another winning idea. get ready, d, it is time to start experimenting.

curlz said...

No shrimp? You took Katie out before the starting gate! She's going to be disappointed and will now turn into her aunt and just do as she pleases!

Peej said...

didn't we decide that there could be no desserts? because i can't think of a whole lot of desserts with meat in them.