Saturday, March 1, 2008

Superbad: Relatable

Okay, I know I'm probably the last of the 25 and under crowd to see Superbad. That's alright with me. I could have waited longer, I suppose.

By the way, if you haven't seen this, and honestly care, stop reading, because I do go into detail about the movie.

First impression. Crude. The movie is just crude, and I'm not a fan of crude humor. It's easy to be funny, while being crude. There's no wit, or creativity involved in that, and it bothers me, I guess. Do I make the occasional crude joke? Yes. Who doesn't? And depending on who I'm with, I may make a few.

However, I did laugh. I'm sure I was laughing at all the wrong parts, but laughing, all the same, right? It's a comedy, it's what you do.

Anyway. The very basis of this movie is basically two best friends, trying to set themselves up for an epic last summer together, before they go off to seperate colleges (the main focus of their summer seemed to be sex...I'll get around to that later). They like totally different types of girls, and have completely different approaches to how to go about getting the girls.

This movie, over and over, reminded me of myself and Michael (yes, my best friend and I have the same first name...that partially fueled the switch to Mickey). Michael and I are so alike in so many ways, however contrast each other in very similar ways as Evan (myself) and Seth (Michael).

Now, for anyone who has seen the movie, Michael is not nearly as disrespectful toward women as I felt Seth was. However, he and I do have very different views on where lines should be drawn in many situations.

But more than anything, there's a scene near the end, where they're (drunkenly) lying on the floor in sleeping bags after a party, and talking. Talking about things that have been bothering them, and a secret Evan was keeping from Seth. In the end, the two best friends start feeling comfortable telling each other they love each other.

I've actually heard of that scene. It's a scene I found out a lot of people found strange, or even a bit "gay".

A majority of my friends routinely tell each other (and myself) they love each other. I'm the same way. Half my phone calls end with "Love you, too." Half my conversations. Half my eMails. That includes all the guys. I don't find that strange. They're my friend, and I love them. Almost every single friend I see, no matter how often I see them, we hug.

In a drunken state, I too, felt it had the possibility of going a "bit far" but it didn't. They simply got comfortable saying "I love you" and said it over and over. They expressed their desire to scream from the rooftop that they love their best friend.

I live six hours from my best friend. I see him once every few months, if I'm lucky, since we're both incredibly busy. And yes, I do tell him I love him. I miss him daily. I hug him every single time I see him, and every single time I say goodbye to him. My friends are like a second (but inferior to the original) family.

Okay. Quick thing. I'm so tired of every movie directed at my age group (or really, just the general public) revolving around sex. I've expressed this further before in a pretty long blog on MySpace once. Am I the only person my age that has something better to think about than sex right now?


Overview: Superbad, funny, but not amazing. If you have a friend, call them and tell them you love them. Find a new hobby.


Katie said...

I have yet to see this movie as well, but I know the gist of it. Sounds interesting, and I'm not one for a lot of crude humor as well. In moderation, it's kinda funny, but whatever.

And yes, I agree with you that these days, it seems that a lot of what society focuses on, it the topic of sex, and it annoys me as well, believe me.

It's too late to call, (for real, 12:49 at night!?) but Michael, looooooove you!!!!!! Seriously though, I'm glad you are my friend. (I'm sorry you were bored at work this morning, and that I didn't turn my phone on until later, thus resulting in no entertainment for you.)

mickey said...

Ha ha.

You so could have called. I was actually up until almost 1:30 last night, reading. It's the latest I've stayed up in months, ha ha.

I love you, too, Katie, thanks.

I'll see you in April!

Jock said...

Hey Mickey you need to explain the poll on the left. I Can't vote if I don't know what any of those places are.

mickey said...

Okay, sir, I will. Right here.

B-Rip. Arts center of Indy by day, bar district by night. Very cool little village taken over by the city. Reminds me a lot of Mackinaw. A lot of old, rich hippie men.

Keystone. Essentially, a shopping center, but there's a lot of good book stores, and things to see in the area.

Circle Centre. The downtown mall. Also hooked to most of downtown by the SkyWalk.

Circle Monument. This actuallly runs hand in hand, in my opinion, with the Canal. Circle Monument is in the downtown circle, and is a war monument. No idea what war. It's just a cool thing you can walk up, and walk around. There are amazing fountains and lights (only in the summer, though). The Canal is a man-made concrete canal walking path that runs all over downtown. It's sort of "underneath" the rest of the streets, and there are several entrances all over downtown down to it. The State Museum is off the Canal, as well as a couple hotels, and cafes.

Jock said...

I would probably choose the Circle Monument. But if I were young I would choose B-Rip. I'll do the right thing and vote for Circle Monument. (I won't tell anybody if you decide on B-Rip though.)

mickey said...

Well, the last McDonald's I was in, was the one in Broad Ripple, and I was the overnight manager, so I don't really go to Broad Ripple anymore. And while it is on the West side (and I live on the West side), it's still about a 30 minute drive from here. Downtown is about 10.

Peej said...

Loved that movie. I tried to convince the father to watch it.