Friday, June 13, 2008

Before this gets ugly.

Okay, okay, you all win.

Shaelynn posted a comment regarding this (though we specifically spoke about my hesitation regarding the issue) and then five minutes into a phone call from my mother, it was brought up again.

Obviously, with Mallary and myself being in different states, it'd be hard for you to meet her.

Actually, though, you all stand a better chance of seeing her right now, as Tawas, where she is from and staying this summer, is much closer to you all (well, okay, except Aunt Carrie and Uncle Chris), than Indianapolis, where I currently am.

Either way, here is a picture of us.


It's as good as it gets for the time being, folks.

Live with it.

And yes, I find it as disgusting as you should she's not wearing shoes. I kept telling her to put them back on. She's stubborn, a trait you should all relate to.


curlz said...

I am totally wierded out by the fact that that could be Shae on that see-saw.

mickey said...

And then you wonder when I don't tell you when I'm dating someone...

I only get grief.

curlz said...

Just keepin' it real.

carriegel said...

why could we all relate to being stubborn? i don't understand.

Shae W said...

I think she's cute. And I still want to meet her. I don't mean tomorrow, obviously, just sometime.