Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The storm.

So, in case you didn't hear there was a really bad storm in Indy last week. So bad, in fact, we completely lost power for about 24 hours. My internet for about three days (I may pirate a wireless signal...).

That was part of the reason I was MIA for so long. And this is the magnificent post I have planned for you.

Because we have pictures.


The green you see (I know it's hard, it was difficult getting closer to get a picture of it) is electricity. It's about midnight, and we have no idea what's really going on, except our building (which houses about 12 apartments) has no power, and other buildings are flashing like crazy, and a couple across the parking lot have partial power (yes, I live in a project, by definition, we looked it up). My roommates and I kept trying to get better pictures with our phones, or whatever, but it was difficult, since we were so far away. Every once in awhile the green would go away, and we'd see the enormous fire. We knew people were trying to get on the bridge to get a better look at what was going on (that picture was taken from the back of my building, so it was pretty close), but the police were turning people away. When I finally went to bed, the storm had mostly stopped, but I was lying in bed, and all I could see were the flashes of lightning and only hear the claps of thunder, I can only assume were attracted by the electricity burning up 200 feet from my bedroom.

George (one of my roommates) and I woke up kind of early the next morning, I think simply out of restlessness, and decided to have a look at what was going on.


As you can see, a pole broke. If you look, you can see George standing amidst all the wires, and wood. So we decided to keep walking a bit further, and get on the bridge, to try to get a better look, and see what the river looked like.


Nice! Downed power lines IN THE RIVER! Also, the river is way higher than it normally is. The river normally doesn't have quite the rush it had that day. As George and I are standing on the bridge, he sees something else, and points it out to me. It takes me a second to see it, but then I do.


Something is still smoking! When we were standing in front of the pole before, we didn't see it, but standing on the river, sure enough, something is still smoking. So we started walking back to our apartment, and decided to get one last shot, to really show you want caused the green light, the night before.


If you look, you can see all three pieces of the pole, not to mention the various lines going everywhere (we were watching where we were walking, just in case, because there was plenty on the ground, also, around our feet).

The pictures really don't do this storm justice (especially the electricity, because that was incredible).

Anyway, I survived, all is well. It wasn't as bad here as it was in some parts of the city.

(I apologize for the way the pictures are posting. Photobucket and Apple are frustrating me. My camera doesn't work well with a Mac, apparently, but we're working on it, taking this relationship one day at a time.)


carriegel said...

wow, i like storms but not the kind that mix water and electricity. cool pictures. our weekend was tame compared to that.

curlz said...

She's lying -- our weekend was anything but tame!

megawatt miler said...

is your electricity company aep?

mickey said...

No, it's IPL.

JP said...

Wow... I can't get over you walking around the down power lines for blog footage.

mickey said...

Honestly I hadn't thought of using it for my blog until I was talking to my mom about it. I had gone outside once without George, and was talking to my mom on the phone.

When I came inside, George was up, and we decided to go take pictures of it.

curlz said...

I obviously didn't know you were dancing around downed power lines, son. I would never have encouraged unsafe behavior like that.

mickey said...

Next time you should be more specific, then.