Sunday, June 8, 2008

My day started normal.

So I had a couple friends visiting me this weekend, and we were all sort of waking up mid (okay, late) morning yesterday, talking a bit (I don't talk much in the morning), just kind of trying to wake up, and figure out what to do with our day.

I started talking to my friend Alicia online, and she asked when I was moving back, and casually mentioned I'd be back in time to head to Cornerstone Festival with her and a friend.

I immediately got excited. Cornerstone Festival is, in my opinion, probably the best mix of bands ever, all together for one week every year, with a great message. Not all the bands are Christian bands, but the venue and nature of the festival is. It's been something I've wanted to participate in badly the last four or five years. It looks as though I'm finally going to have my chance.

We quickly worked out the rest, how much it is (I've never bothered to look, because I always knew I couldn't go), how we're getting there (we're meeting her friend downstate Michigan, and driving to Indiana from there), and how to get a tent (everyone camps, mostly because we can't afford motel rooms).

The first week of July I'll be more or less unreachable (I'm not taking a phone charger, so phone calls/text messages will be scarce, but I do plan on calling my parents every couple days, just so they know I'm fine) experiencing what I feel like may be a once in a lifetime deal for me. I'll be spending six days at Cornerstone Farm with tons of other music lovers, living out of a tent, camping in a field, simply going from band to band. My friend Alicia is an incredibly talented photographer ( and she covers Cornerstone every year, and many bands look to her for action shots during their shows (and she captures them beautifully).

I do realize that I'm probably the only person in our family that is overly excited about this. I immediately called mom, to make sure they didn't have plans that week, that they would need a sitter for Katie for, to make sure I'd be able to go. I then started just getting really excited and every few minutes exclaiming, "I get to go to Cornerstone this year!"

Of course, this does mean I have to buy and wear copious amounts of sunscreen, as I'm chalk-pale. Need some different shoes (shower shoes being the most important). I need to figure out the best way to have and keep water, since the recommended thing to do is drink at least half a gallon a day.

This is my world's Woodstock, if that makes this any clearer. This is for the hardcore music junkies (I don't mean hardcore as in the type of music, either) of my day/genre. I am friends with a couple of the bands that will be there, and probably the best band I've ever seen live, Showbread, will be performing, and you can bet I'll be there for the entire show.

This is a very big, and nice, dream come true.

The video: Showbread "Mouth Like a Magazine"


katie said...

Cornerstone Festival. I'm jealous, for real.

carriegel said...

sounds like fun.

mickey said...

Thank you for attempting to muster some enthusiasm Aunt Carrie.

Last night, when I looked and saw no one commented I was thinking it went over even worse than I was thinking.

(Katie, oh man, I'm so excited. I had no idea you ever wanted to go to C-stone. Look into it, see if you can afford it. Maybe you can go, too. We're looking for more people to split gas with.)

katie said...

I asked my parents about it, and they were like "Over 4th of July weekend? No way." And plus, I'd be missing classes. Do you know, does Cornerstone happen every year? I really wanted to see Brian Welch (the guy from Korn). He's supposed to be speaking at this year's.

curlz said...

Is this your generation's version of Woodstock?

There. I commented.

xoxo - Mom

Jock said...

Sounds like fun.

That's my comment.

mickey said...

Hey, wanna go, mom and Uncle Chris?

Live out of a tent with my friends and I?

carriegel said...

I didn't have to muster any enthusiam. I really think it sounds like fun. Those are the kind of things you should be doing while you can. You don't want to live your life with regrets.

curlz said...

I commented when you called me, which I thought was very nice of you since you were checking first to see if we didn't need you to watch Katie.

mickey said...

Mom, your comment was "are you going to be drunk?"

carriegel said...

moms can't help it. we worry.

mickey said...

Well alcohol is prohibited from the farm, so rest assured.

Not to mention I can't think of anything that would make me sicker than drinking in 100 degree blazing sun.

Jock said...

If I am going to go camping in a tent it will be out in the middle of the Porcupine Mountains somewhere.