Saturday, June 21, 2008

Home stretch.

Lucky me.

I work every single day until I move.

Well, I have next Saturday off, but I'm on call the whole day, so it doesn't really count.

And I've been closing every shift for the past month and a half, and all the sudden work all mornings, because I'm the only Staff in my restaurant this week.

So that's not going well.

I'm already pretty late today, and haven't even showered yet.

*EDIT*6/21 22:55*EDIT*

So I've been pretty worried on the job front, moving back to Michigan. My Area Supervisor here in Indianapolis keeps trying to get me to go back to Michigan, telling me I can probably keep my same job (Michigan is far more competitive than here, because we have pretty much no Staff down here, and people wait a really long time to move up there), more than anything, not wanting me to lose my time with the company. I do understand that, because when I decide to go back, I'll have to start over, with my vacations/sabbatical time/years of service, however, my old Area Supervisor really disliked me, and it'll be extremely hard for me to stay away from him, as the community is much closer in Michigan than it is here (our Market is really spread out, between several cities, that are very far apart). So I told her no. A few times. I'm sure I'll be asked again on the conference call Monday morning.

Anyway. I've been pretty stressed out about getting a job, so today I made a phone call to the Hot Topic I used to work at, and it turns out, they're looking for some people. I was pretty well-liked there, so I think I stand a good chance of getting that job back. Plus, I enjoy selling things, and I was pretty good at it, once I got the hang of it. It's not a ton of hours, really. The standard is around 10 a week, but I may be able to stretch that, by picking up other shifts (I used to do that a lot at Target and Hot Topic). What's really nice about Hot Topic is they don't make you wear their clothes, since I like very little of what they have. They just want you to look good, so I can do that. And their appearance guidelines are pretty relaxed, and after four years of McDonald's, it'll be a bit nice, I think, to not have to worry about my hair being too long, forgetting to take out my nose ring (which I've been doing a ton lately, for lack of sleep, I think), or keeping my tattoos covered.

All in all, good news for me. It'll ease a lot of stress I'm feeling once I know for sure. I have to call back Monday, and talk to the Assistant Manager (who hired me the first time).

*EDIT* 6/21 22:55*EDIT*

By the way, I just noticed I did that edit on a 24 hour clock.

Both my computer and cell phone also run on a 24 hour clock.

John should understand why.

He's probably the only one who will.


curlz said...

tattoos as in plural? BTW -- our dress code in this house is at least as strict as McD's. please adhere to it to help maintain your sister's innocence. Thank you.

mickey said...

Yes, as in plural.

And I always have, mom.

carriegel said...

you're right, john is probably the only one who understands why

mickey said...

Corporate McDonald's is run on a 24 hour clock.