Friday, September 12, 2008

A quick example.

I realize I really wasn't clear on why I'm done blogging for the semester. I took a picture, to help illustrate my need to concentrate on my priority in life right now (school).


What you're looking at me holding is a section of a play I have to read, study, and know for my Theatre class. Yes. That's over 100 pages of one SECTION of a play. I still have more I need to print off. This is just the first of the five I have to read, and know well. Not to mention putting in time at the Theatre department (seven hours, to receive full credit), plus I have to review two performed plays.

And I have four other classes.

And now a job.

Blogging takes time, and planning. Time I feel I can't be taking right now, from other areas of my life.

I know that Shaelynn, Sarah, Joni, and now John are in the same boat as me, but they didn't take almost three years off between high school and college, so I'm definitely struggling to keep up this semester. The workload is more than I remember from Bethany (probably because it's a bigger workload than I had at Bethany), and I'm definitely not having an easy time. As semesters pass, I do think it'll be easier for me, but I'm so out of the mindset everyone else has most likely kept transitioning from high school to college.

I may post quick blogs here and there, but it's really just not likely.


carriegel said...

your face says it all. good luck with all of that school work. i don't envy you.

megawatt miler said...

you'll definitely get used to it