Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fox News...Or Fox Opinion

Something I'm watching in my English class right now.

While I haven't really looked into the opposite side of this too much, since I just started watching it today, I'm remaining pretty hesitant on believing a whole lot of it, and some of it seems a bit shady.

However, it's hard to deny that O'Reilly is insane, and definitely comes off as a pathological liar (as he tells a guest he's only told someone to shut up on his show once in six years, followed by a montage of him tells various people to shut up on his show, a weak example, but I couldn't stop laughing at his expense).


Shae W said...
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Shae W said...

I hate Fox News for many reasons, but I'll admit that some of what was shown in that clip does seem a bit shady, like you said. I'd be interested in hearing more about anything you find.

... Is this what you called me about last night?

Peej said...

Fox News is the most fair news source out there. I don't care what anybody says. Bill O'Reilly is the best anchor of any news show out there. Why?

Because he, and they, are truly balanced. They're not this neoconservative right-wing news source that people claim them to be. They break stories on both sides. They were one of the first to break stories on John McCain when he had the run-in with the DC madam. They're also equally as critical about all of the Wall Street Meltdown.

Bill O'Reilly once interviewed Rosie O'Donnell, and I thought it was one of his best interviews ever. If you though of O'Reilly as someone that would just absolutely destroy her when she was on the show, you'd be reluctant to find that it was the opposite.

Sure he was tough on Barack Obama, but that's because people are getting sick of the fact that Obama will not answer a question. He was trying to get him to answer the questions.

The fact of the matter is, the reason Fox News is portrayed as some right-wing conservative station is because all of the other ones are so far Left. I mean, Keith Olbermann has had a prime time slot for years, and he's absolutely insane. He's a former sports caster, why does he get a spot every night to just rip the current president to shreds?

If you ever read Bernard Goldberg's book, you would see what I'm talking about. He grew up in New York, he was a democrat. He worked for NBC I believe, and maybe CBS. He talks about how the authorities at those administrations would make him and others spin their stories to push their agenda. He got so sick of it that he left, and now works for Fox News.

And it's not like Fox doesn't have democrats on there. Alan Colmes co-hosts Hannity & Colmes for God's sake. They have numbers of democratic analysts and supporters on very frequently.

mickey said...

Yes, Shaelynn, this is what I called you about last night.

And say what you will, John. I will always believe O'Reilly is a sociopath, with a personal agenda, looking to destroy whomever crosses him, or party lines.

And the reason Fox News is "portrayed" so far right is because it is far right. Murdoch made sure of it.

Peej said...

Then what do you call CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, and MSNBC?

Jock said...

Look who made the video moveon.org one of the most left wing organizations in this country. What else would you expect from them.

As far as O'Reilly goes you should be glad people like him are around. He truly does look out for the people whether you think so or not. If you watched his program instead of listening to what other left wing news organizations say about him you would know he regularly rips on Bush. I don't agree with everything O'Reilly says but I am glad he is on the air and holds people accountable for their actions.

If you bothered to watch his interview with Obama you would see he was very fair and respectful to him. In fact I have seen him stick up for Obama on his show when other people were attacking him. What O'Reilly won't do is let people spin their way out of questions and he will stop them if they don't answer the question he asked.

If you want to call him a "sociopath" or "out to destroy whoever crosses him" then so be it but remember it is people like him that hold the politicians accountable regardless of political party. I for one enjoy watching him and I am glad he is on "our" side and looking out for the people.

I agree with peej on Fox News, if you think it isn't fair you probably have been watching MSNBC to much. There was a reason Keith Olbermann was removed from his prime time spot, he was to radically left. The only thing spewing out of his mouth was garbage and he was getting killed in the ratings by none other than Bill O'Reilly your sociopath.

I recommend you and shae read Bernie Goldberg's book about journalism if you really want a glimpse into news organizations and how they spin the news. And remember he is not a right wing conservative but rather he is a former democrat that now proclaims to be libertarian.

carriegel said...

no wonder everyone is so disallusioned with politics. it makes my head hurt trying to figure out what is the truth.

Shae W said...

I don't hate Fox News because it's too far right or too far left. I hate it because it's ridiculous.

However, I feel that way about most news sources. The way everyone leads into stories and how over-the-top they are--it's disgusting. There are often lives at stake in the situations they're discussing, and I don't think our faces need to be shoved into the tragedies of the world.

I'm also kind of frustrated that because some people don't seem to agree with certain beliefs, they're being told to educate themselves.

Shae W said...

And why am I being told to go read something? I READ. For the love of God, I read, okay? I do understand the basic ideas of what's happening in our country.

Just because I don't choose to believe what somenoe else believes doesn't mean I'm wrong.

Maybe you're wrong. Maybe Fox News is completely unbalanced and unfair.

Even the reasons that were stated in favor of Fox News were politically leaning in a direction (i.e. the comments about Obama).

I'm upset because I'm being told to read a book by one guy who apparently has some things to say about "other" news sources vs. Fox News. What if HE'S wrong?

I'm pretty much finished with posting any comment that might have any implications as far as opinions go. I'm tired of being told to go learn something about the opposite side of what I believe simply because of what I believe--what if I already read the book you told me to and found it silly? What if I have the opinion that I have because I already investigated the other side of things?

carriegel said...

if you have looked at the other side and still disagree then so be it. doesn't bother me. i think people get upset when someone hasn't considered both sides before forming an opinion.

and as far as the news, i don't watch it. it blows everything out of proportion. if you were to believe the news you would think children are being snatched off the streets left and right when the truth is there is on average ONE true child abduction in MI per year.

i'll be glad when this election is over and i can go back to ignoring all things political.

mickey said...

I agree.

Especially because Rupert Murdoch set up Fox News to be the way it is.

Right wing. Very right wing.

Oh, hell, let's say it, Republican.

I don't have a problem with the Republican party. I have a problem with Fox News masking itself as a "news" station, when all it is is an outlet to the Republican party, and I do believe that.

O'Reilly is anything but balanced. Fox News is nothing but unbalanced. Yes, for good measure they "trash" a Republican now and then. And yes, they have Democrats on there, but almost always Democrats that are very conservative.

As far as Hannity & Colmes goes. Look at the two. Hannity being the smart, all-American seeming man. Colmes appears weak, and mousy-looking. Coincidence? No.

You can keep saying all you want, about how Fox News is amazing, and O'Reilly is God-like, however, I'm not going to be drinking the Kool-Aid.

And the same goes for me, that Shaelynn said. You keep acting as though I'm uninformed, and don't care about the country. It's really quite the opposite. I do read, I do keep up with what's going on.

You're fighting with opinions, as am I. The difference is I'm not telling anyone their opinions are wrong.

And yes, I firmly believe that O'Reilly is a sociopath.

mickey said...

And yes, Move On made this documentary, and Move On is very left-wing.

However, it's hard to argue with ex-employees whom have since come forward to talk about it. Past Fox News reporters who have to remain anonymous because Fox is working so hard to make sure they have no careers.

And the internal memos that are available elsewhere.

mickey said...

And what I guess I find sad (or incredibly disturbing) is so many people buy Fox News as "fair and balanced", but even if they found out it wasn't, would rather just have their spun, right-wing Republican side of the stories anyway, as opposed to actual balanced news.

If they could even tell the difference anymore.