Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Second job?

Yes, I'm trying to get a second job.

My friend Michael got one tutoring German students on campus, and said they probably need more Spanish tutors, so I eMailed the tutor place on campus today, asking about it.

That'll be good. Way more up my alley than Subway, but at least Subway is year-round. Tutoring would only in the fall and winter semesters, most likely.

However, I'm excited, if I do get it. The only problem I'm seeing is I haven't actually taken a Spanish class in a few years, since I learned a majority of my Spanish by immersion. However, my friends are sick of me speaking it to them all the time, trying to keep up my vocabulary.

Other than that, I'm finally done analyzing suicide rates for the world. That was a fun couple of weeks of Sociology. I'm glad we've moved onto the Mexican-US border patrol issues. I have way more interest in that than suicide, to be honest.


curlz said...

Whew. I thought you were going to do German for a minute.

mickey said...

Ha ha, no, no German yet.

That may come later.

I'm thinking the Arabic will be a little more ambitious, so I may try to get it out of the way, after I finish Spanish.

Anyway, I got an eMail today, and right now, Spanish tutors are full, so I'm going to try again next year.

carriegel said...

arabic? that is ambitious.

mickey said...

It's more or less required for the job I'd like.