Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pseudologia Fantastica

I just like that he claims to know the law.

I'm fairly sure in my half of semester of my law class, I know more about the law than he does.

Because I do know that without committing a felony or very specific misdemeanors, we don't deport illegal aliens.

Of course, though, in O'Reilly's world, it's simply the loudest who wins.

Good job, Bill O, you were the loudest. You win.


Shae W said...

Content aside (because I don't think what they were discussing was funny), I was laughing hysterically by the time the video hit the 3-minute mark.

mickey said...

Thank you for at least understanding.

Ha ha ha.

carriegel said...

wow, this is why i don't watch the news.

Peej said...

that's not true.

sanctuary cities don't deport illegal aliens unless they commit a crime such as New York, LA, and some others.

Peej said...

and i guess i don't understand why Geraldo doesn't agree with O'Reilly. that illegal immigrant has no right to be here. if he would have been deported the first time, this never happens.

carriegel said...

i agree with peej, if he had been deported this wouldn't have happened but him being here didn't cause the accident. he and his poor choices caused the accident not the fact that he is here illegally.

why can't issues be discussed without yelling?

and just for the record i can't stand geraldo. fwhy ike didn't blow him away i will never know.

mickey said...

Firstly, I have multiple illegal friends who have been committed of crimes in various cities who are still here illegally, and were not deported.

Secondly, Geraldo was making the point that because the man was illegal wasn't the issue. That's the point that was apparently lost on you and O'Reilly, John. The issue was the drunk driving, not the the fact that he was illegally. Geraldo agreed that the man was illegal, and shouldn't be here to begin with, but that wasn't what caused the crime.

And Aunt Carrie, I'm with you, and that's sort of the point I'm trying to make.

Why, if I can sit down, and discuss my OPINIONS without yelling, and telling people they're wrong (or to educate themselves), can't others do that? I can easily sit down with people who are athiest, pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, and simply tell them why I feel the opposite of them, without telling them they're wrong. I can also listen to them, and try to understand their point of view.

Tolerance is a beautiful thing. It seems to be a dying practice, though. I think that's illustrated by the reactions to the blogs I post.

Peej said...

i tolerate it, i hear you, but i don't agree. so i express my right to disagree. i'm not attacking you, or anyone else. i'm simply saying that yes, the issue is that he was drunk and killed someone.

however, he has no right whatsoever to be in this country. and if he had committed multiple crimes before this had happened he should have been deported. which leads to the fact that this wouldn't have ever happened if the law was enforced the way it is written.

that's my issue.

mickey said...
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Peej said...
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carriegel said...

sometimes disagreeing is just disagreeing. it doesn't always mean a lack of tolerance for the other person's viewpoint.

as much as i dislike geraldo i could see what he was trying to say. i just wish people would do more listening and less yelling.

with the war, the election, and the banking crisis everyone is on edge right now.