Monday, October 27, 2008


Probably a single perk to my job, is my owner has struck a deal with Midland NCG Cinemas, that they can trade their free employee passes for free subs. So once in awhile, that trickles on down to us, with our double meat bonuses (yeah, I get money for all the double meat subs I sell) we also get movie passes. And September was a lucky month, because sure enough, when I opened my double meat bonus, along with my cash...two movie passes.

So last night my friend Alicia and I saw W.

Two things to describe this movie:
Drawn out.

Yes, there were some funny parts. Anytime Condi was on the screen was enjoyable (the woman who played her did it well, and it was very comical).

Honestly, we only went and saw it, because I heard it was funny (not so much), and because I hate horror movies.

On the off chance you were thinking of seeing it. Don't. It's well over two hours, and moves very slowly. There's little to no climax in the movie, making it hard to tell when it will soon be over.


Peej said...

I heard from my roommate that it was really good, actually. It's probably one of those 'to each their own' type things. I'll probably see it just for the sake of seeing it.

mickey said...

Some of it was hilarious. I'll admit that.

Overall, it just moved slowly for me.

There's a part about him sacrificing things for the American soldiers. I about died laughing.

It's mostly how these politicians are portrayed by the media, I felt. So that was sort of funny, as well.

To just wasn't amazing.

carriegel said...

free movie passes are always a good thing especially if you use them on a movie that turns out to be not that good. i hate wasting good money on a bad movie.