Monday, October 6, 2008

I do love a good Top Ten list.

Top Ten Reasons to be a Communist

10. You're better than those damn stinking Yanks!

9. Tell people you're a communist, and it'll scare them into letting you do anything you want. Or is that capitalism?

8. All the free "I Love Stalin" bumper stickers.

7. You can make a date out of waiting in a bread line. It takes up time and it's cheap food.

6. Your girlfriend doesn't expect fancy gifts.

5. Remaining inconspicuous is easy--no one cares about communists anymore.

4. Enforced sharing.

3. Your crappy car is a political statement, rather than just a crappy car.

2. If I don't do any work, I'll still get the $50 a year I need to live.

1. Vodka...lots of Vodka.

I only wish I could take credit for writing this. After a few failed attempts, I jacked it offline. I'm not going to bother citing it. If you wrote this, sorry. I'm not taking credit for it. Besides, I'm pretty sure anyone who wrote a top ten reasons to be a communist list would be fine with that, anyway.


Peej said...


i like that list

mickey said...


I loved it.

I'll admit, I picked the first one I found, and am sure I could have found better, but this works.