Saturday, October 18, 2008

I awoke with a familiar feeling.

My alarm went off. I leaned up, to grab my phone, to turn it off.

Then I felt it. On the inside of my nose, it was running down. I touched my nose with my hand, and when I looked, sure enough, my nose was bleeding.

I like that I'm weeks shy of my 22nd birthday, and I still get nose bleeds for absolutely no reason.

When is my body going to figure out I'm not 8 years old anymore?

It was embarrassing enough as a kid. It's even worse as an adult.


JP said...

You'll never ever get rid of those suckers.

Shae W said...

Aww... was it a bad one?

mickey said...

No, it only lasted a few minutes.

And my boss was really cool when I told her I may have to run to the back, if I start bleeding.

carriegel said...