Sunday, October 19, 2008

Never before.

I hate my job. I've never hated a job as much as I hate this job I have.

I've been there over a month, and I'm still a "trainee". Which doesn't mean anything, except my name tag still says "trainee", which is basically just a blow to my ego (stupid, yes, but it still bothers me).

I've always worked for big companies (McDonald's, Hot Topic, Target), so working for a small franchise is hard. It's completely disorganized, and there's no order to any operation they do. The Supervisors all treat me as though I've not only never worked in a restaurant, but never even had a job before. I almost felt like I needed to remind one of my Supervisors today I used to actually run a quite successful restaurant in the past, and know quite a bit about that type of business, but decided it was better to keep my mouth shut.

Then, because the Supervisors can't cut hours when they need to, the Manager just cut all my hours, taking me down to less than 20 hours every week. So I'm driving to Midland five days a week, to work a few hours, then leaving.

Waste of time now.

I want a new job.


Shae W said...

Well, if I become a famous author anytime soon, I'll hire you as my assistant.

megawatt miler said...

the trainee thing would bother me too

mickey said...

Glad to know it's not me just being prideful.

I find it embarrassing. I had a customer ask me how long I would be a trainee, and I simply replied "I guess forever."

Jock said...

Everyone is a trainee in form or another until the day they retire.

mickey said...

I definitely get that.

But it's a tad insulting to have to have it plastered on my chest for an indefinite time.

I'm not saying I know all I need to know about Subway. I never knew all I needed to know about McDonald's, and I ran one of those. However, I know what I need to know for my current job.

carriegel said...

hope it gets better. nothing worse than not liking your job.