Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Top Fifteen List I Actually Wrote.

I believe I wrote this probably three years ago.

The Top 15 Reasons Tacos are Better than Girls
1. Tacos don't cry.
2. Tacos don't care if they look fat.
3. Tacos never want to talk about their feelings.
4. It's legal to buy tacos.
5. You can share tacos with your friends. (Not that I want to share girls with my friends.)
6. Tacos don't get jealous if you eat other kinds of tacos. Even if it's just as friends.
7. Tacos don't write scathing blog entries about you.
8. We don't need guns to protect ourselves from tacos.
9. Tacos are so damn tasty.
10. If you were to date a taco (which I don't condone), I bet it wouldn't make you always hold it's hand all the time.
11. You never have to worry about taking an eye out, when you're around tacos. (Let's here it for biblical humor.)
12. A taco will never want to commit. It's completely up to you.
13. Tacos don't play with your emotions.
14. You don't have to call tacos.
15. Tacos love everyone.

Ha ha ha. Three years later, this list still makes me laugh.


curlz said...

Your dad said to tell you there's a mistake -- he thinks you meant to say top reasons why tacos are better than girls.

mickey said...

You're right.

I can't believe that's gone unnoticed for three years.

A lot of people have read this in three years.

carriegel said...

good catch. didn't even notice but then i took pictures of the wrong chips for my cookies and then proceeded to use them.