Thursday, October 23, 2008

A video!? Wooo hoooo!

Okay, two videos.

Video On Trial makes me happy when I'm sad. It's a Canadian TV show on MuchMusic, that is never available in the US. Ever. I can only watch it on YouTube.

Anyway...comedians make fun of music videos. It's usually pretty funny.

Here are two of them.
(Shaelynn, Joni, and probably will probably be the only ones who think these are even remotely funny.)

Vanessa Hudgens: Sneakernight

Flo Rida f. Will.I.Am: In the Ayer

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Shae W said...

Oh, my goodness. Those were hilarious.

I never understood "Sneakernight," so I'm really glad that no one else did, either. I mean, honestly.