Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Mostly for my mom.

A lot of my friends thought it was a bit funny I sometimes have to wear a suit to work, and wanted proof.

So a picture was taken before a meeting I had (I have another one much like it in the morning).



Jock said...

I think you forgot to comb your hair.

BTW I don't see the tatoos.

curlz said...

Thank you. Oh, aren't you a handsome man! You look so very awfully nice. You also have another of my favorite pictures on your blog too. Up there, in the left-hand corner. Can you please e-mail it to me?

Shae W said...

Super cute, little man.

carriegel said...

i have always liked that picture too

curlz said...

He now closes his eyes or puts his head down when his picture was taken, but when he was little, those hands were always covering his mouth. And that bracelet is one that Sarah and Shae made out of embroidery floss. He insisted on having one and the girls obliged