Wednesday, March 5, 2008

No secrets.

It's no secret what I do for a living. I work for McDonald's, currently as an interim store manager (about to step back down to an Assistant next week, and not a moment too soon).

Anyway, part of my current job as an interim store manager is going to all kinds of meetings (as you can see in the post below). Some are at the regional office here in Indy, some are in different cities, some are in different restaurants. Either way, I'm starting to learn more and more about Indy, simply because I drive around the city so much to all these different meetings.

Anyway...I went to our brand new regional office today, for a Market meeting, meaning about 27 restaurants were represented from in and around Indy (we're the Indy West market).

Right before lunch my boss introduced me to everyone, stating that I had taken over my restaurant a few months ago, and I did a good job, blah, blah blah.

So then she noticed a few people had just filed into the back of our conference room, and she asked her boss at the back of the room to please introduce them. So I turned in my chair to look at who walked in, and one man looked incredibly familiar to me. In fact, he looked like a man who I used to work under back in Michigan, who had recently taken a job in a different part of the country. This man also just happens to be my cousin. That's right, guys...Ray was at my meeting today. Only weeks ago I was telling my boss about Ray, and she said she had heard of him, but never really met him.

Anyway, after we broke for lunch, I walked up to him, shook his hand, and told him who I was. So we talked for a few minutes, and awhile later he walked by my table, and my boss invited him to sit with us during lunch.

I've known Ray by face, and met him for the first time as a shift manager about three or four years ago, in my first restaurant (Sanford). My old boss there introduced us basically saying "Ray, this is your cousin, Michael". I've talked to him since, but usually only while waiting on him at work, and the conversations are short, and pertaining to his orders. Today was meeting him on a very different level, and I have to say it was really great to have the chance to actually talk to him, and really understand why so many people adore him as they do.


Jock said...

The next time you see him kick him in the ass and tell him that is from Jock. And then you can tell him how useless he is and his dad was.

(I am kidding about the useless part but I still want you to kick him in the ass.)

Katie Q. said...

That is kind of weird that your cousin would happen to be at the same meeting as you were. He did recognize you, right?

mickey said...

He didn't know who I was right away, only because he had no reason to ever think I would be there. Back when I was in the CMBC Market, he knew I worked there, so it wasn't that much of a surprise when he'd run into me in one of the restaurants. But I think as far as he ever knew, I was still a shift manager, so I wouldn't have attended that meeting.

I knew he wouldn't know who I was right away, though, that's why I introduced myself.

Peej said...

good old Ray

curlz said...
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