Saturday, March 15, 2008

What a cult we've started.

My all-time top ten favorite things in order as they come to mind. Credit to Shaelynn for starting this.

1. My sisters. It's true. I love my sisters, I will always love my sisters, and it's a bond that's very special to me. I always wanted a brother, that's true, and even now as I make friends with people who have brothers and are close to their brothers, it's hard for me not to have one. However, I wouldn't trade my sisters for anything.

2. My parents. Although it may not always seems like it, my parents do rank second on favorite things that come to mind. We do have our disagreements (and quite often), and rarely understand each other, but my parents are supportive of me, no matter what crazy things I think of to do (moving to Canada, moving to Indiana, taking an almost three year break from school). I know I've probably turned out to be the most difficult out of the three of us (Shae is often quick to remind me), but I keep reminding my parents I'm also the most fun out of the three of us (sorry Kate and Shae).

3. Spanish. It's becoming pretty widely known I speak spanish. Unlike a lot of people, I don't speak a little bit. Or am able to say "Hi, how are you? What is your name?" I can carry on conversations, and have friends that don't speak any english, and we usually communicate just fine (usually). There are days I speak more spanish than english. I love speaking and learning more. It's getting more difficult, because I'm starting to learn the finer points of the language, so naturally the progression of my learning is slowing down at a really fast rate. Plus, I really, really, really like latin girls. A lot.

4. My friends. From everyone here in Indy (Emily, Juan, Bryant, George, Aurelia, Naum, Isaac, Cindy, and Chelsea), to people I met at Bethany I'm still friends with (Chris, Julie, Ashley, Nicole, Tiff, and Nate), to those back in Michigan still (Joni, Michael, Emily, Trish, Shelby, Jill, Libby, and Jenny) I love my friends. It'll be hard to someday mend these worlds (the language barrier being the biggest obstacle I see), but I do hope someday to get almost all these people together in one room, because absolutely nothing would be better.

5. Ice cream. I use ice cream as comfort, and am not ashamed in the least to admit it.

6. Working. Yes, I'm a workaholic (which is why I suck at dating). I sometimes complain about the amount I work, but I put myself in the position I'm in. I fought hard for my promotion, received it, along with about 30 more hours of work a week. Thus is life, being salaried, I suppose.

7. Music. Performing, writing, listening, creating, I love it all. I no longer believe in genres, only because so much of music has blended together (meaning music being made Music was so much of my life until these past few years. I stopped playing music, and haven't sang in well, years. I struck a deal with my mom, regarding a certain song I would sing, only if my dad and sister did it with me (Shae, because Kate can't sing...seriously). I listen to everything. When I worked at Hot Topic, people would always ask what kind of music I liked and I'd say "fun".

8. Fun. Naturally. Ha ha. I love fun. I don't mean like, outrageous, drunken, crazed fun. In fact, I rarely drink, really. Fun means anything from going out with friends, to driving all night for nothing, to going downtown at 4 AM to try to find the canal (we never did, because I got all turned around), to watching documentaries with my dad (a favorite past-time of mine, when I lived with my parents).

9. My innocence. My friends often sayI'm one of the most innocent-seeming people ever. I have a very care-free look on most of my life, while still managing to really care about what's important.

10. Loyalty. I've also been told I'm a loyal person. But more than that, I love when people are simply loyal to what they believe. Upon meeting me, a lot of people rarely realize how strongly I feel about a lot of issues (politics, religion, abortion, immigration). I'm loyal to those things. I'm loyal to the people I love (which is almost everyone, anyway).

This got hard as I went, for sure.

My top 10 favorite things.

I hope to see your's soon.

Thanks, Shae. I enjoyed this.


Shae W said...

Aww! I'm glad you did this! Maybe it's a family thing that we use ice cream as a comfort food. I've been having a really bad day (due to some extraordinarily bad papers that I've been grading), and I went to the freezer and pulled out my carton of Mint Chocolate Chip. I instantly felt better. Fatter, too, but I guess that comes with the territory.


Jock said...

When I list my favorite things you can bet ice cream will be on the list, along with a lot of other food.

As I type this the wife has been up to the mall today in Appleton and there is a Cold Stone Cremery there. I am hoping she brings home of quart of Apple Pie a la Mode. The best.

curlz said...

Hey -- your dad and I are just thankful we made the cut.