Saturday, March 29, 2008

Why I hate social networking sites.

Okay, I am on Facebook. I hate it, just like I hate MySpace. However, I use them, mainly as a means of communication with people I don't see often. I'm busy, my friends are busy, so delayed communication such as eMail, Facebook, and MySpace are what work best for us. Also, I'm the only out of all my friends that has a job where I can answer my cell phone at work.

Anyway...Facebook has application (a bit like Blogger, I guess, where you add things on the sides, top, and bottom of the blog) among of these, is one of the most popular, called Compare People. I got Compare People pretty early on, and it does just what it sounds like. It shows you two friends, asks a question, and you choose a friend for the answer. The questions are pretty trivial, such as who would I rather date, kiss, sleep with, go to a party with, shoot up with (okay, not that one)...I stopped using the application about a month after I got.

However, Compare People is definitely one of the most popular applications, like I said. A majority, if not almost all, of my friends had it, and used it actively for quite some time. It is a fairly good (okay, well, not good) way to pass time.

From time to time, Facebook will send you an eMail, telling you how your friends compared you recently. I check my personal eMail about once a week (work eMail, about four times a day).

I went through my Facebook applications the other day, deleting almost all of them, including Compare People. I decided I just didn't like the concept anymore. Plus, my rankings were starting to suck, as I didn't have as many Facebook friends as most people, so I was coming up fewer times to be rated than other people, therefore, lowering my rankings.

Anyway...I noticed today, I received an eMail from Facebook about Compare People. My final one, regarding my ratings.

Read below:

"Here is what your friends think about...

... your strengths:

most punctual
most kiss-able

... your weaknesses:

most talented
most fashionable"

So...I'm on time (Porter gene, we already discussed), kind (yeah, okay), and most kiss-able (?).

And I'm also...untalented (ouch...), and unfashionable (yeah, right).

So my friends would all want to kiss me, but think I have bad clothes?

At least I'm on time, and nice, I guess.


Peej said...

according to my Facebook I would make tbe best Father and i have the prettiest eyes ahah

JP said...

Haha... I hate Compare People. If you go to Marcie's profile she's the hottest, smartest, most valued as a friend, most desirable, best personality, and best to work with. Who votes for her?