Friday, March 21, 2008

National Hug A Red Head Day.

It's today! That's right! Everyone's favorite day of the year.

Find a red head near you, and hug them!


(This is what we look like.)

Photo credit: Joni. I believe this is the last time I saw her. I visited her randomly one night last semester. So randomly, in fact, those are her sweatpants (I forgot pajamas).

I miss you, Joni!


Shae W said...

Your septum piercing's showing. Mom's gonna be mad.

Mom, Michael's piercing is showing.

Jock said...

I thought it was a booger hanging from his nose.

curlz said...

Yes, I noticed and politely turned my attention to the handsome young man in the upper left-hand corner instead. The cute little innocent, unadorned boy I gave birth to.

megawatt miler said...

I wouldn't have even noticed if you hadn't pointed it out. Thanks, Shaelynn!

carriegel said...

Can you tell Sarah is home and using my account? That is my post above this one. And she has posted under my name under Shae's. Kids.

mickey said...

I looked at both pictures quite extensively.

I see no difference, mom.

By the way, I'm almost sure that was the last time I wore my septum down for any amount of time.

I forgot I have it, most days.

curlz said...

Then take it out, dear son!

And to Megawatt miler/carriegel: I was so confused reading the comments on Shaelynn's post. It's carrie's name and it doesn't sound like her. I finally walked away because I could make no sense of it all. I was actually going to comment, but I didn't know who I was commenting to ... thanks for clearing it up.

carriegel said...

So glad I could add to your confusion. Have the voices come back yet?

JP said...

I miss you, too. This was the best picture I took because it was the most natural. I caught you completely off guard in it.