Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Think I'm overdue for an oil change?

Sorry these are so blurry.
My camera just wouldn't focus on what I wanted it to, and I was losing patience.


That's 94,920. Not too bad, considering the car had a high 50k when I got it.

When I need my next oil change.


This one is much harder to read. Sorry. It says 12,434.

Anyone else think I need an oil change?

(What actually happened...I did get an oil change last week while I was in Michigan, and I realized later that night driving somewhere with my friend Jill, that the girl must have accidentally switched the stickers with the car in front of me. Needless to say, I laugh everytime I look up at it.)


curlz said...

Forget the oil change. Get new friends.

mickey said...

That has nothing to do with my friends, mom!

Shae W said...

I think Mom thought your friend changed the stickers?

Katie Q. said...

The girl did, because it was when we both stepped out of the car to look at the tire. I remember, because I turned around to get back into the car, and she was halfway in your car, fiddling with the sticker.

carriegel said...

I think your camera wouldn't focus because you were too close to what you were trying to take a picture of. Pull the camera back a little and see if that doesn't fix the focusing problem.

And that is a lot of miles on your car. I am assuming you didn't put all of those miles on yourself.