Monday, March 24, 2008

Update on my return to Michigan.

I realized I haven't really told anyone (including my immediate family) when exactly I'm coming back to Michigan.

RIGHT NOW, this is how I hope things will be working out.

I go on vacation next month. I'll be back for about ten days, it'll be nice. Then my lease here is up June 30th. I plan on moving a majority of my things back to Michigan after that, however, I will still be in Indy.

I'll be staying more on the North side (I live on the West side now), in...I'm not sure what to call them. They'll cost me about $70 a week, to stay there. My last day at the Hyatt McDonald's (and McDonald's Corporation, for about five years) will be August 8th.

My SOAR (some thing I'm forced to attend for SVSU...we're Cardinals...soar, get it?) date is August 13th. I believe orientation starts about ten days after that.

I have a bit of a rushed summer. I'm realizing as I type this out, it's going to be rough. And makes me just want to come back in June, when my lease is up. However, the restaurant I'm in right now really needs me as long as they can have me. While our hours of operation are minimal (we're only open about 15 hours our longest day of the week, which isn't even that bad to work the whole thing, I've done it several times) we only have four managers right now, and only three of us are able to work any time. And two are hourly, so they can't have overtime, meaning any left over hours go to my boss and myself (okay, they go to me).


Inventory today. Well, the other half, I did a lot last night, so I could sleep in an hour longer today.

Open management interviews tomorrow (my day off).

My life.

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Peej said...

I realize that this has nothing to do with your post, but I absolutely love Bittersweet Symphony! Oh my gosh, it's one of my favorites. I suggested that and Times Like These for our class song. Times Like These (Foo Fighers) won the vote, however.